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PivotCube VCL key features

OLAP is the main component of building and using data warehouses.

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This technology is based on building multidimensional data sets – OLAP-cubes, which axes content parameters and cells content aggregated values depending on these parameters.

 PivotCube VCL Logo PivotCube is the newest OLAP elaboration of PivotWare Lab. This is a unique technology created for projecting, creation, and maintenance of “data warehouses” analytical systems. PivotCube Technology is one of best realizations of OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) approach to multidimensional data analysis. Our technology combines both the API flexibility that a programmer needs, and convenience that allows to an end-user efficiently solving the tasks of multidimensional data analysis. It also allows an end-user to perform OLAP and statistical analysis using current data from any relational database. Moreover, PivotCube provides a set of unique statistical functions, including quartiles, true medians and others. Moreover, PivotCube has a unique ability that allows an end-user create in runtime his own measures based on already existing by means of using built-in formula interpreter. What is also important for an end-user is the possibility of easy upgrade cube data without rebuilding the whole cube.

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With PivotCube you can turn your existing application into Business Intelligence (BI) just in minutes.

We believe developers will access at its true value the powerful Filtering system with unique incremental filtering ability. Moreover, you can filter not only dimensions but also measures. Unique PivotCube filtering system allows it!

PivotCube Technology provides high speed data loading and high-customizable user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface). Its highly dynamic interface is created for interactive data analysis, sophisticated analytical, statistical, reporting, and charting features.

 PivotCubeX Logo Our software components and tools are developed for our users. So PivotCube provides easy formatting of cells – with different colours, and/or fonts, or painting styles. We respect preferences of each our customer including opportunity to work with our software using native language. That is why we provide a multi-language support.

PivotCube provides an opportunity of non-contradictoriness, completeness and trustworthiness of data. But we allow build cube from incomplete or non-normalized database too and PivotCube provides ability to display incomplete information in user-understandable form.

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We provide our consumers an opportunity to choose between 2 products of PivotCube Technology: Visual components library - PivotCube VCL and Active X control - PivotCubeX, according to their requirements.

Both products based on the same code kernel. So whatever you choose you’ll get real opportunity to make a close study of great extent of correlating data by means of their fast interactive reflection on different drilling levels from different points of view according to an end user conception about the field of his business.

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